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  Any questions about our Treats?
Please check these Answers

How much notice do you need to place an order?

Orders will have to be made 2 days in advance before the pick-up date. However, please write to us if you require an urgent delivery and we will try our best.

Will Biblotreats provide candles and knives?

Candles and knives will be provided upon request.

Can I customize my cake?

Yes please select from the menu, and include your special request, then we will get in touch for details

Do you offer delivery option? Where do I make self collection?

Yes we do have curb side pickup from SAAR SPRINGS Complex  and deliver all over Bahrain .

Have you got a choice of vegan and gluten-free products? Are any of your products suitable for people with nut allergies?

We have a good variety of vegan and gluten free products.Most of our menu items can be customized based on your dietary requirement.

How do I place an order? How can I pay? Do you accept credit cards upon pickup?

Here via by cash payment for now. Choose your product and size and you will receive an email confirmation once your order has been accepted. Payment can be done Through BENEFIT pay on (34223258) or bank transfer (details can be shared upon request).

I have a large catering event, when do I need to contact you?

Kindly allow us 10 days for special events, you can reach out by mail or WhatsApp on 33303084

What is special about your products?

We make sure we use the best ingredients from Belgium, the Netherlands,France and all over the world. All our cakes are baked with organic flour, making sure our products are healthy and natural. Always  doing our best to use the finest products.

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