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Bilbo Chef School


WHIP UP SOME CONFIDENCE and take a bite out of boredom!


Cooking/ Baking teaches kids confidence and valuable skills that they can carry with them through life. Children practice basic math when they measure ingredients, reading comprehension as they follow a recipe, team building as they work in groups, and they also build a strong foundation for healthy eating. All of these skills are mixed in with delicious food and fun.


If you ever felt that involving your children in culinary adventures is overwhelming, you’re not alone. The thought of managing spills, coordinating steps, and keeping safety issues in check results in most parents avoiding mini chefs altogether, or allowing them only to watch.

But you can’t ignore the look of disappointment when you shoo them away from the oven or slap their hands away from the icing. Do you feel the pang of guilt? If so, then it is time you let them in on the fun, in a controlled environment, under professional supervision, while you watch them bloom with awe.

Baking classes for kids present two significant benefits for you: you don’t have to worry, and you can enjoy the treats they baked.


For them, learning kid-friendly recipes will help their development on many levels, through an activity that makes learning fun.

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